The Vile Assembly

Spiralling from the success of their debut single earlier this year, UK punk trio spark anarchy and debate with the release of their follow-up single and debut album out this Autumn

"When I heard Suicide Feast I absolutely had to play it, its musical intent you just can't fake."

– Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

British punk-rock band, Vile Assembly, garnered global media acclaim as far reaching as Japan with the release of their debut single ‘Suicide Feast’ earlier this year.  Now the band are back with a bold serving of anarchic punk with the release of their follow-up single, ‘Gone’, on 20 October, delivered simultaneously with their debut album ‘Fattened By The Horrors Of War’.  Vile Assembly were created solely to be the whistle-blowers on unjust society; their purpose to say what needs to be said through the universally understood medium of music. With their bold, beat-driven, brazen melodic style, they defy you not to take notice! 

Fusing the classic 70s musical punk vibe of The Clash and the Sex Pistols with a more considered Bowie-esque lyrical content, ‘Gone’ points the judgemental finger at the mighty conglomerates. This single puts the spotlight on the harshness of our system, blatantly exposing the fact that if organisations want you to disappear (whether it’s from work or expelled from the country), then they will action that, without any remorse or hesitation. Do not mess with the powers that be is the message here. Smartly creating a catchy melodic hook and an addictive ‘gone, gone gone’ chant, all woven around stoic punk lyrics, ‘Gone’ was created so that it could be easily digested by the masses.

Vile Assembly want as all to wake up and realise that, whilst we’re a medicated nation, the corporates will always have the ultimate power and control.  If anyone speaks out against the corporates they won't wait, they won't hesitate, when they want you gone, you’re gone.  Free from fear, Vile Assembly are using their musical muscle to speak out – and they won’t stop screaming until they’re heard!

‘Gone’ storms into the market alongside the band’s debut album, ‘Fattened By The Horrors Of War’, which is a political rollercoaster allowing the listener to hear and feel the lies being fed to them by the current system.  The melodic journey and sharp lyrical approach allows the listener to realise that it’s time for change, and that everyone of us has the power to make that change a reality. Ripping up the rule books and using song as their messenger, The Vile Assembly aim to incite positive change both individually and nationally.  A collection of x11 original tracks, ‘Fattened By TheHorrors Of War’ uses the pen as it’s sword and the voice as it’s warrior. 

Vile Assembly are Mark Wainwright, Mark Webb and Paul Mason, a tight-knit trio of songwriters, musicians and producers, who until this point had little desire to make music. The three lifelong friends embraced an evening of reminiscence and found themselves locked in a united agreement that something had to be done about our inhumane ignorance of world issues.  Although the friends, Paul Mason, Mark Webb and Mark Wainwright, who owns a music studio in Liverpool for two- decades, never contemplated making music of their own until that fateful day, until the avid conversation between them spurred on the conception of Vile Assembly.

The seeds of Vile Assembly were now planted and, a vocation to be a poet, Paul Mason (the band’ lyricist and vocalist) found everything that happened in the world as vile. The result inspired a batch o poems, some of which has influenced the songs written for the album, while the studio had Many bi names pass through in Liverpool including INXS, Beverley Knight, The Virgin Marys, Kids On Bridges Shea Seager (to name a few), never once did the boys ever contemplate making music of their own.

…..Until they decided that enough was enough and that someone (them) needed to stand up and shout in the defence of those without a voice. Music seemed the natural channel for that voice, life took a sharp tangent –Vile Assembly were born.

Listen, absorb and make change!

The single ‘Gone’ is released on 20 October on Vile Records alongside the debut album, ‘Fattened By The Horrors Of War’

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